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Fill out this form. Click on Submit button when you're done. If everything works right, you'll go to another page that tells you that it did. On that page, ignore the advertising, clear those boxes with your email in it so you don't ask for any spam by mistake, then scroll down and you should see a copy of whatever you submitted here. If you want it, copy and keep your replies. Hopefully, I get your submission. Eventually, within a week or so, I'll send you an email that your submission arrived and what it said so we can compare notes.
If not, call on the phone and try this again.

Contributions & comments are always appreciated!

 868-Directory * POB 868 * Bolinas, CA. 94924 * (415) 868-0420  

If you have more than one new name or family to submit and if you run out of room here, please do them separately in the comments section. We'll list people separately if the last names are different, unless you say otherwise. Also, tell us if you'd like to be listed first name first or other special requests. Families are usually listed together like this:

Doe, John, Jane, Kid, Kitten, Fido [POBSB] .......3056/717-1111 cell


Phone (0000 is OK):

e-mail address:

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The 868-Directory only prints optional post office box numbers. You can leave us your address if you want us to send you something snail-mail, as long as you comment what we're supposed to do with it.

Which West Marin town do you live in?

Stinson Beach
I live somewhere in cyberspace
Over the hill, but West Marinites may want to call me


What would you like the 868-Directory to do for you?

I want to advertise. Tell me how.
(Hint: If you check out the "For Advertisers" page by clicking the button on the bar above, everything you need to advertise might be there.)

Remove the listing I have indicated in the comments section

Please accept my new or corrected personal listing submission

I want to say that the 868-Directory is FANTASTIC!

Please let me know where I can get a copy of the current edition of the 868-Directory.



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>Now that you've filled out the form, click the submit button.

>Then go to Bolinas or Stinson Beach if you're not already there yet and buy a copy of the current 868-Directory if you don't already have one: in Bolinas: Don's Liquors, Odyssey Video, Bolinas Market & in Stinson Beach at Odyssey Video. It's a handbook, 8" X 7" size, usually a unique color so you can find it in a mess of other papers.

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The 868-DIRECTORY email:
OUR ADDRESS is: 868-DIRECTORY POB 868 Bolinas, CA. 94924
OUR PHONE NUMBER IS: 415 868-0420
The NEXT 2011 edition DEADLINE IS APR. 15TH, 2011
...and yes, if we can, we'll fit you in somewhere if you're late.

How to be part of the 868-Directory
The origin of a directory in Bolinas started in 1969, with a few hand written, mimeographed, stapled pages. For two decades the 868-Directory was called the Bolinas Yellow Pages. ..This yellow name comes back to haunt every time the 868-Directory cover is yellow. In the past, Betty Stortz, Charlie & Mary Lu Ross were publishers and now Franis Engel makes it happen.
Check out what else Franis Engel does. Part of the reason she took over the phone book was because of being a "Jill of many trades." Alexander Technique teacher, writer & reviewer, juggling teacher, music teacher, house painter, signpainter of holiday windows and banners for events, graphic artist, logo designer, fine artist, house-sitter, cat trainer, and even an astrologer and an armchair psychologist advisor. Really, can someone have too many businesses?